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Travel to Krakow – the Capital of Polish Culture and History!


Krakow is at the heart of Polish and Jewish history, offering city tours that take you back through the centuries, along a trail of monuments, legends, cusine and history.


Due to the city's rich history, Krakow tours have flourished in recent years.  There are seemingly countless things to do in Krakow, the trouble is picking which!


After all, where else can you see the Royal Castle and the Cathedral on the Wawel Hill, while listening to the building's mysterious legends and history, or touch the heart of Segismund’s Bell and make your dreams come true?  Tours in Krakow often take you to see the oldest Polish University and learn about its famous students like Nicolaus Copernicus and Karol Wojtyla, and most recently, pope John Paul II.


Krakow (often mistaken for Cracow), was the heart of Jewish culture before the World War II, and thanks to the city's administrative role during the war, the Krakow Jewish quarter and ghetto have remained largely intact.  Every year, Krakow hosts Europe's largest Jewish festival causing hotels in Krakow to fill up far in advance.  In Krakow you can visit both Orthodox and reform synagogues, or visit old cemetaries to learn about sacred funeral rites.


Or simply take in the quiet, laid back city by taking a walking tour of Krakow through Europe's largest market square, or stop for a cafe at a local street cafe and watch how seemlessly local life has blended into this historic city. 


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Polish Krakow Adventure, Krakow tour Polish Krakow Adventure
From EUR 37.00

Krakow has a mindblowing amount of historic sites. Join this Krakow tour to walk the streets with a local guide who will show you iconic places of influence, intrigue and inspiration.


Jewish Krakow Adventure, Krakow tour Jewish Krakow Adventure
from 2 reviews
From EUR 39.00

Discover the epicentre of Jewish culture on this Krakow tour. You'll visit synagogues, cemeteries, monuments, and food shops, as well as the site of Oskar Schindler's famed factory. Learn about what he faced and you'll soon agree that he had incredible chutzpah!


Communist Krakow Adventure, Krakow tour Communist Krakow Adventure
From EUR 37.00

Short of finding a working time machine, it's hard to understand what living in Europe under Communist rule was like. This Krakow tour will give you a taste by taking you to an area marked by the Communist-era. Knock back vodka at a Communist bar, see tanks and bunkers, and visit spots where the long fight for democracy took place.


Home Cooked Krakow, Krakow tour Home Cooked Krakow
From EUR 38.00

What? You haven't tried Polish food? It may not be as famous as some other country's cuisines (we're looking at you Italy!) but it's just as delicious. Join this Krakow tour to get an inside guide to cooking Polish food in the home of a local home cook.


Krakow Food by Foot, Krakow tour Krakow Food by Foot
From EUR 59.00

Taste the real Krakow on this food tour of the best Polish bites and sites! Sample traditional fare of pierogies, zapiekanka, and oscypek at local hideaways and explore Krakow’s bustling markets and neighbourhoods. The perfect balance of cuisine and culture for a truly authentic local experience!


Jozef Street Birthday
Place: Jozef Street, Krakow - [ 14/06/2015 ]

Jozef Street Birthday - a day of cultural events in just one street of Krakow

Krakow Festival of Jewish Culture
Place: Kazimierz Jewish Quarter - [ 24/06/2015 - 03/07/2015 ]

Once every summer, the Krakow Jewish Quarter - Kazimierz remembers its rich Jewish heritage by organizing a lively program to show guests and locals about the Jewish culture and history of Krakow.

Krakow Summer Jazz Festival
Place: Piwnica pod Baranami at the Market Square and other clubs all over the city - [ 04/07/2015 - 23/07/2015 ]

Summer in Krakow heats up every year with the smooth Jazz festival that has graced the city of Krakow for more than 20 years.

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Krakow's Dragon

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Ms. Claire B.
02 Nov 2014
One of the best tours I've ever done. Tomasz (not sure of the spelling) was an outstanding guide - huge amount of knowledge and passion for the topic
Mr. Darrell W.
01 Apr 2013
Monica was a fantastic guide for both the Jewish and Polish adventures. She is knowledgable, friendly and well organised. I particularly appreciate that she ran the tour for just one person. Thanks!

Krakow Urban Adventures

See Krakow with us and discover the city's real life! Walk with us through the city with open eyes and an open mind to take in its historical and bohemian atmosphere on your own pace.  Don't get bogged down taking photos in the places every tourist does . See all the icons of the city, but do it in your own creative way, try local food, meet local people and share their day to day experiences, joys and problems.



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