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About Us

Although we have many coworkers, the brain and heart of our team are divided between two of us – Monika – an admirer of foreign travel and unexpected turns of action and Tomasz – a traveler and a madcap of Krakow and Krakovian lifestyle.

I can say, we are both local in Krakow. Tomasz was born here and he knows everything about the city, I was born in different Polish city, but after living here for 10 years, I know a lot about the place and moreover, I have an opportunity to see it with a good perspective.

Together we have an inside approach to tourism in Krakow and Poland. We answer all the questions, we organize face to face meetings with Polish culture, as well as tickets and guides to cultural events and arrange meetings with famous Polish artists, historians and students.

We are trying to develop a sustainable approach to tourism and to encourage our tourists to be responsible travelers. Our tours give the participants a good opportunity to meet with local people, try local products, be close to the Polish culture and maybe even be a part of it.

Our cooperation with Urban Adventures started few months ago in Berlin where we met some people from the company promoting it during the International Tourism Fair. We started to talk and after a while it was obvious that this is a great idea. We both thought that these guys were great and they were doing exactly what we wanted to do, but on a much bigger scale.

And this is the real idea of international cooperation in tourism – enlarge a scale, contacts, meeting still new, interesting people from all over the world. So…here we are to work as a Polish part of the Urban Adventure worldwide net. Hopefully together with Urban Adventures we will manage to invite more people to Krakow and to show them how life works here.

Also, be sure to check out other Urban Adventures in other well preserved old towns like Vilnius, Lithuania or Riga, Latvia.