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Online tour: The Essential Guide to Polish Culture

Discover how to become Pole in one hour!

Tour Highlights

Adult 18 years old and above
Child 6 to 17 years old

We would love to tell you about our country and our culture!


Thanks to our meeting, you will discover how it was to live in communist Poland, how to speak some Polish words and what to do to prepare yourself to visit our country. We will explain to you our culture and all the strange traditions we have like watering ourselves to invite spring or leaving the last drop of vodka to have luck and some​ help of dwarfs who are leaving with us if we are good enough to deserve them.


• Ask everything you always wanted to know about Poland
• Savor Polish pronunciation
• Experience an authentic Polish traditions
• Find out what we really eat and drink (except vodka)

Local Impact: How you will help the local community by joining this tour:

• There is no regular tourism due to current world situation, so by taking this virtual experience you will help local guides who cannot work with tourists in the city